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Adult Novelties

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Sex Shop | Golden Dreams

For plenty of people, the words “sex shop” conjure a lot of not-so-sexy images, like leather-clad masked mannequins hanging...

Adult Novelties | Golden Dreams

Yes, sex is great on its own and sex is great with sex toys, but oftentimes it’s the little extra things that can make for the best...

Sex Toys | Golden Dreams

The best thing about sex toys is that they can only make life better. Whether you intend to use them for solo sessions or with a...

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Eighteenth-century Frenchman the Marquis de Sade once wrote, “Sex is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.” Well said, monsieur. This is just the kind of attitude we are proud to support at Golden Dreams, Merced, California’s premiere sex shop.

We are an establishment that is dedicated to providing, encouraging, and embracing the healthy and ample exploration of sex. It doesn’t matter if you’re sweet, kinky, a novice, an expert, young, old, gay, straight, bi, transgender, polyamorous, black, white, blue, purple, or anything in between — we think everyone is beautiful and deserving of an extraordinary sex life. With our amazing selection of products, we are all but certain we can guarantee you that.

If you’re looking for the latest gadget to bring fire to the boudoir, we have enough sex toys to keep you busy until world’s end. Whether you want something that buzzes, spins or has straps, we can accommodate just about any request when it comes to sex toys.

Don’t forget, however, that sex toys are not the only things we sell for your pleasure. We are also excited to offer a variety of adult novelties to suit a wide range of customers.

We cater to basic needs with lubricants and condoms as well as more extravagant interests with plenty of titillating role-play costumes and erotic lingerie. We also offer games, movies, and books of a sexual nature too.

Nothing would make us happier here at Golden Dreams than to help you increase the bliss of your sex life, so we work hard to be the most knowledgeable and best stocked sex shop in the great Golden State. So browse our Website, give us a call, or come by our store in Merced to see how we can make your fantasies into realities!