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Sex Shop - Secure and Non-Threatening

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For plenty of people, the words “sex shop” conjure a lot of not-so-sexy images, like leather-clad masked mannequins hanging around and leering trench-coat-wearing patrons and a grimy, dimly lit atmosphere. We assure you right here and now that Golden Dreams is not a stereotype— on the contrary, our shop is a clean, well-lighted, and welcoming store.

Even though we can promise a completely secure and non-threatening experience for you, the idea might still be intimidating. To help ease your mind, here are a few good tips for visiting our sex shop:

Look Online— Getting an idea of what you might want to purchase before you come in is a great way to foster comfort. Having a basis for what you’re interested in also expedites the time spent in the store for those who tend to be naturally shy.
Leave Judgment Behind— We always try to promote a non-judgmental atmosphere at Golden Dreams, so help us out with that. You’re there to look at sex toys the same as anyone else there, so don’t make assumptions about the other customers. Sex is a thing of joy, so be friendly and just enjoy yourself!
Ask Questions— Our staff deals with sex products all the time; so don’t be afraid to ask about things. If you’re curious about anything from function and purpose to pricing and popularity, we are here to answer you queries.
Be Yourself— Although we don’t believe in passing judgment, we don’t want that to stifle your personality. Admittedly, lots of our products are strange and, as such, laughing and humor is expected.
Avoid Crowds— Especially if you’re prone to shyness, avoid coming in the evening and on weekends when we are usually at our busiest. We can’t guarantee you’ll be the only one shopping, but if you want a maximum of personal space, then coming in during daylight hours might suit you the best.
Take a Friend— Whether you take along your significant other or just a friend, having someone around who you know and whom you can talk to alleviates shopping anxiety.

We want your experience with us at Golden Dreams to be a good one that you will want to repeat, so customer service and satisfaction is one of our biggest hallmarks. So if you’re in Merced or its surrounding area, come and see us or give us a call to get the best sex shop experience around!