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The best thing about sex toys is that they can only make life better. Whether you intend to use them for solo sessions or with a partner or multiple partners, we’ve got just about anything you might want. If you’re not sure what you might want, here is a basic idea of the kinds of sex toys we provide:

Vibrators— Nowadays, there are as many kinds of vibrators as there are colors in the rainbow! They are designed to suit a number of needs.
Clitoral Stimulator— Usually meant for solo fun for a woman, vibrators like these literally come in any color, size and shape you could think of. Eggs and wands and phalluses, oh my!
G-Spot Vibrator— Generally curved with a knob-like end, these vibrators are designed for internal female stimulation.
Rabbits— There was study not too long ago that stated more Rabbits, a combination of a clitoral simulator and a dildo, were sold worldwide than washing machines and dryers combined. So of course we have this popular item available too.
Couples Vibrators— This is a vibrator that is designed to be worn by the woman during sex with a vibration than can be felt by both parties.
Rings— Though not all penis rings vibrate, there are vibrating options designed to stimulate our partner during use.
Attachments— If the vibrator alone isn’t enough, there are a number of purchasable attachments that can enhance a vibrator’s usage.
Dildos— This item is pretty self-explanatory. Dildos come in not only a variety of shapes and sizes but also a variety of materials. Not only are dildos made from silicone these days, but also of stone and metal too.
Anal Toys— There are a good array of toys for anal play, including plugs, beads, vibrators, and prostate stimulators for men.
Cuffs and Harnesses— If your motto happens to be (or maybe you want it to be…) “sex bruises are the best kind,” then make sure you take a look at what we have to offer in cuffs, harnesses, and bondage apparel.

At Golden Dreams, it doesn’t matter to us if you’re browsing for yourself or for your partner, we are always happy to know and serve people who take delight in their sex life with the generous use of sex toys. Contact us today or come in person to our store in Merced add some more fun into your sex life!